Shopping in Hoi An – Things to buy as souvenirs

Are you wondering which souvenirs and where to buy them in Hoi An? Follow Laluna Hoi An to go shopping in Hoi An and discover must-buy souvenirs in this charming ancient town. 

I. Things to buy as souvenirs in Hoi An 

1. Lanterns – feature of Hoi An 

A distinctively unique feature of the historic city of Hoi An is its lanterns. These lovely lanterns are strung up around the alleyways and streets, bringing color and becoming a distinctive element that leaves a lasting effect on visitors who adore Hoi An.

Hoi An lanterns come in a wide range of styles, from straightforward ones with a single color and shape to elaborate lanterns with many layers and intricate patterns frequently constructed of colorful paper or cloth. Each lantern is sometimes embellished with elaborate and distinctive themes, like lotuses, swallows, bridges, boats, etc.

Shopping in Hoi An - Hoi An Lanterns

Hoi An Lanterns

Hoi An lanterns are an integral part of festivals and events in Hoi An, including the Mid-Autumn Festival, Hoi An Light Festival, and Hoi An Lantern Festival.

The lanterns will be illuminated at night to create a glistening and enchanting scene. Making and painting their own lantern is a popular pastime for tourists, who then hang them from bridges or other structures to remember their time in Hoi An.

Lanterns are not only a typical aspect of Hoi An’s culture but also a special and heartfelt present for friends and family. If you visit Hoi An, consider purchasing a little lantern to take home as a present for a loved one. Recording memories in the historic city of Hoi An will undoubtedly be a memorable and valuable present.

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II. Hoi An silk – an ideal choice for Hoi An souvenirs

Hoi An silk is one of the handicraft products honoring the delicate beauty of the local people here. Produced from pure silk, Hoi An silk is durable, and soft and especially has delicate patterns printed or hand-embroidered on the surface, creating a beautiful and unique product.

Hoi An silk is produced by traditional methods, starting with the collection of natural silk from neighboring rural areas, then herbal and natural coloring to create a variety of colors. Next, the silk is bleached and the single silk is thinly drawn, then woven into a silk thread and woven into a silk fabric. The decorative motifs are then printed or embroidered directly on the surface of the silk fabric.

Hoi An silk products are hand-crafted with the quintessence of traditional local art, each with exquisite craftsmanship and precision. Embroidered and printed patterns on silk often have traditional Vietnamese patterns but are created with the sophistication and creativity of Hoi An artisans.

Shopping in Hoi An - Hoi An Art Portrait 

Hoi An Art Portrait

With the quality and uniqueness of the products, Hoi An silk has become a very popular souvenir for tourists when visiting the ancient city of Hoi An. Hoi An silk products can be found in gift shops and stalls at Hoi An night market. Tourists can buy Hoi An silk products such as shawls, dresses, bags, pillows, or other decorative products as souvenirs or gifts for relatives and friends.

With reasonable prices and good quality, Hoi An silk is increasingly becoming one of the typical and favorite souvenirs of tourists when visiting Hoi An.

1. Art portrait – Shopping in Hoi An

Art portraits are part of Hoi An’s traditional cultural heritage. Made by talented local artists, Hoi An art portraits have their characteristics, reflecting the life, culture, and soul of the people here.

Hoi An art portrait is usually painted with oil or watercolor materials on paper or canvas. Themes that often appear in the paintings include typical landscapes of Hoi An such as Japanese bridges, ancient streets, Hoi An night markets or countryside scenes, the sea, sailing boats, flowers, antique objects, etc., and figures of local life such as women selling vegetables, farmers working in the fields, and traditional artisans.

The characteristics of Hoi An art portraits are bright, liberal, and somewhat decorative colors, creating a lively and vibrant picture. Artisans often use techniques like light, color, and composition to create creative and unique work.

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Shopping in Hoi An

Hoi An Art Portrait

Hoi An art portrait is not only an art form but also a product showing the distinctive culture of Hoi An ancient town. The special feature of the painting is the blend of traditional and modern art, creating a unique and diverse combination.

With unique cultural and artistic values, Hoi An art ]portraits have become a famous cultural specialty, attracting tourists from all over to visit and learn. If you have the opportunity to come to Hoi An, visit the booths and studios to learn about this art and maybe buy a picture as a souvenir.

2. Potteries 

Coming to Hoi An, you will surely have to admire the variety and uniqueness of the ceramics here. Hoi An pottery is handcrafted by experienced artisans and made from selected clay materials.

Each Hoi pottery product is handcrafted and is a unique, high-quality product full of art. Hoi An pottery has a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and designs, and can be used as everyday utensils such as dishes, dishes, cups, or decorative products such as vases. , idols, living room decorations,…

Hoi An pottery is not only a traditional local product but also a unique and meaningful souvenir. With the development of tourism in Hoi An, Hoi An pottery has become a popular souvenir for tourists. Tourists can find Hoi An pottery products at Hoi An’s gift shops or night markets.

Shopping in Hoi An

Hoi An Potteries

Hoi pottery products are reasonably priced and varied, depending on the size, color, shape, and complexity of the product. Hoi An pottery products are not unique souvenirs, but also meaningful gifts for relatives and friends.

3. Handmade Jewelry – Shopping in Hoi An

Handcrafted jewelry is made by local artisans, using traditional techniques and natural materials, offering uniqueness and sophistication in every detail.

Hoi handmade jewelry products are handmade from special but very natural materials, such as quartz stone, pearl stone, gypsum stone, wood, silk fabric, metal, etc. Local artisans use decoration, engraving, or grinding techniques to create unique shapes and patterns for jewelry products. These products can be designed around a variety of themes, including traditional and modern designs.

Shopping in Hoi An

Hoi An Handcrafted Jewelry

Hoi An handmade jewelry is not only a unique and delicate product but also carries with it the cultural and historical significance of the locality. Hoi handmade jewelry products can be unique souvenirs or meaningful gifts for relatives and friends. If you are planning to travel to Hoi An, don’t forget to visit and shop for Hoi An handcrafted jewelry products to bring you wonderful experiences.

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III. Where to go shopping in Hoi An? 

In Hoi An, you can find shops selling souvenirs and specialties throughout the streets and tourist areas of the old city. Here are some addresses you can refer to buy Hoi An souvenirs:

  • Hoi An Night Market: This is one of the most popular shopping places in Hoi An, especially in the evening. Hoi An Night Market has a full range of products, including handicrafts, souvenirs, clothing, jewelry, and food products.
  • Thanh Ha Pottery Village: This is a famous pottery village in Hoi An, specializing in the production and sale of handmade ceramic products. The products here are diverse, from tableware, and cups to decorative products.
  • Thu Nguyet Jewelry Shop: This is a handmade jewelry store in Hoi An, specializing in producing and selling unique handmade jewelry products. Products here are diverse, from rings, and necklaces to earrings.
  • Hoi An Silk Shops: Silk shops in Hoi An offer a wide range of the finest silks with a variety of patterns and styles handcrafted by artisans.
Shopping in Hoi An

Thanh Ha Pottery Village

Shopping in Hoi An

Hoi An Night Market

IV. Laluna Hoi An Riverside Hotel & Spa – a great destination for relaxing and going shopping in Hoi An 

Located in an unbeatable location on the banks of the Hoai River, La Luna Hoi An Riverside Hotel & Spa offers guests a quiet, romantic space and is very close to tourist attractions.

Shopping in Hoi An

Laluna Hoi An Riverside Hotel & Spa

The hotel has a variety of rooms with 6 types of rooms that are stylishly designed with warm tones, natural wood, and high-class amenities. Each room has a balcony with a view of the Hoai River and is fully equipped with air conditioning, a minibar, and free Wi-Fi.

Shopping in Hoi An

Laluna Hoi An Riverside Hotel & Spa’s room

ALT TEXT: Shopping in Hoi An – Laluna Hoi An Riverside Hotel & Spa’s room 

NOTE: Laluna Hoi An Riverside Hotel & Spa’s room 


The hotel provides guests with full facilities and services to meet their essential needs. Some of the key amenities include an outdoor swimming pool, gym, and spa. The hotel also has a restaurant and bar with a romantic outdoor space, where guests can enjoy drinks and typical Hoi An cuisine. In addition, the rooms also have a balcony with a view of the Hoai River, creating a comfortable and cozy space.

Shopping in Hoi An

Laluna Hoi An Riverside Hotel & Spa

Other services include laundry service, bicycle and motorbike rental, airport shuttle service, tour desk, and babysitting service. Hotel staff is always ready to assist guests and provide maximum comfort and convenience during their stay.

La Luna Hoi An Riverside Hotel & Spa with full facilities, services, and a professional service style will bring you memorable resort experiences with the most relaxing moments.

Along with the above suggestions, Laluna Hoi An hopes you can choose yourself a special souvenir to keep your ultimate memories of Hoi An ancient town!